ZuneHD after 30 MONTHS!

Still love my damn ZuneHD and I use it every day. I use it as a thumb-drive I use the photo-albums, port it out to TV’s and the Zune gets a couple hours per day of regular use. -AND- the price dropped from $15 per month to $10 since I got the service. Nobody with a ZuneHD could ever ‘splain it to an Apple-Mo but I’ve got $15,000 worth of Itunes music on my Zune for a little over $350. -’nuff said.

I got my Mama one too and she be mackin’ on some solitaire and listening to her music too, go girl! #ZuneHD is w-a-y better than Ipod for music.

ZuneHD after 18 Mos.

Best $15 a month ever spent, ZuneHD is the one item I would want to take with me on a deserted Island.

The damned thing has always run like a Swiss watch. Going on 2 years of listening to everything from Music to Podcasts. Love that ZuneHD.

ZuneHD Review -My impressions after 2 weeks

O.K. I’ve had my ZuneHD for a couple of weeks now,  Zunetag = Maimecat First thing I installed was the Microsoft – Jam Jacket CordSaver Case for ZuneHD in black turned out to be just the ticket. This Silicon cover does not cover the multi-touch screen, and that’s a good thing. $20 at Best buy.

 You can dock it to your Home Stereo System, Auto, PWC, Boat, -Any communication system with a 3.5 mm input jack.

For picnics, day events, small gatherings, the beach, you will want to get a powered portable speaker system. Prepare to spend $50 bucks, you will want something with some power, I happened to catch a good deal on Woot.com and picked up 2 of these Audiobox Portable Speaker Systems, not only are they water resistant for inclement weather, they have plenty of power and reasonable sound quality.

Though I will DEFINITELY be looking to acquire a higher end system for extended use scenarios such as a 2nd residence or office. For camping and tailgating, this can’t be beat. For larger gatherings, you may want to go with something a little ballsier like the Kicker zKick ZK500


Audiobox Travelsound Speaker System
Audiobox Travelsound Speaker System

As for the new Zune Software and outputting to 720, I will get into all of that later, I just wanted to give a thumbnail of how I’m using my Zune.

How are you using yours?

Microsoft's Jam Jacket w/ Cord saver
Microsoft’s Jam Jacket w/ Cord saver

And in case you didn’t know it, the ZuneHD headphones have a little magnet built in to keep them together and neat. See photo below.

ZuneHD headphones magnet
ZuneHD headphones magnetThe cord saver really makes for a neat and tidy ZuneHD when you have the cord stowed away.
Everything is nice and neat
Everything is nice and neat


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Maime endorses her candidate of choice in the 08 Presidential Election.

Obama Flop-Sweat Dilemma

If Obama was a white man.

Daft Maime: Technologic

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

By Howie Carr
Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Trailer park kook should be

ready for day in court

The victim du jour is Leeland Eisenberg, aka Ralph Elliot Woodward Jr.

He is what used to be called a kidnapper, and is now referred to as a “hostage taker.” Like so many before him, Eisenberg amassed a lengthy criminal record in Massachusetts and then moved to New Hampshire, where he caused yet more trouble Friday, taking over Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Rochester.

But now we learn that this twice-convicted knife-wielding rapist, this burglar, this nonregistered sex offender, this accused stalker, is in fact . . . a victim. He is a man with a “troubled past.” Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

He couldn’t afford “medication” – but somehow had plenty of money for booze and cigarettes.

He sued the Archdiocese of Boston, claiming he was molested by a priest – at age 21 – and reportedly received a settlement in 2003 even though his aunt said it was nothing but a “big story.”

He escaped from prison while serving a sentence for his first rape, raped a second woman while on the lam – and then repeatedly sued the Department of Correction. If only they hadn’t let him escape to rape again . . .

His wife said he was “always making her laugh,” and “was perfect in my eyes.” That must have been why she filed for divorce last week. Perfection was too much.

He and his wife lived in destitution in a trailer park, yet when the missus left the courthouse Monday, she stepped into a limousine.

According to his suit against the archdiocese, his mom died when he was young and his father, you guessed it, abused him. Because his father was – only one guess here – an alcoholic. Naturally he became . . . homeless and soon was living in a car (John Kerry can feel his pain) in a junkyard in Ayer.

Are you crying buckets yet? Because there’s more. Apparently the lawyer and the family met over the weekend to get their talking points straight, because everyone has stayed on script.

His stepson said his rapist stepfather’s drunken stunt was “a desperate plea . . . an act of desperation” for help. His lawyer said the kidnapping was the “act of a desperate man.” Key word: desperate.

It was a selfless act, the lawyer claimed. He was “seeking help not for his own situation but for the plight of people everywhere who seek and cannot find answers to their psychological problems.”

A noble cause, an eloquent spokesman. No wonder he demanded the cops send in more beer. He was . . . desperate. For Budweiser.

The neighbors at his trailer park in Somersworth apparently didn’t get the memos, because their stories varied. One said he was “frequently” drunk, another said “always.” But the best quote was from a guy who noted his daily attire of a suit and tie.

“He always looks,” this guy told the newspaper, “like he’s ready to go to court.”

Maybe because that’s where he always is, in court. If you hadn’t figured out that he was a nut by the time he surrendered Friday night, you knew once he took off his sweater and revealed that he was wearing a tie. Who wears a tie on Friday anymore, especially to a kidnapping?

Reconstruction in Iraq



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